THE OPEN BOAT [Working title]

Adobe Flash required to play the game, Morf.
Morf is an experimental game designed to explore how primary shapes affect the player's emotional experience.


MORF is a simple experimental game designed to test player reactions to simple shapes.


I developed the 'dynamic composition' design framework after writing 'Drawing Basics and Video Game Art.' Dynamic composition consists principally of the following elements and their relationships to each other: character shape, character animations, environment shape, pathways, and player gestures. We must also consider colour and tone against each of these 5 core elements. To communicate a desired emotional effect we must consider how these elements are placed within the frame, the movement of these elements within a fixed frame, and the movement of the frame itself.

Dynamic composition gives us a stronger understanding and control over the elements of a video game—helping us to create emotionally richer experiences. To learn more about dynamic compostition please read my Gamasutra article titled, The Aesthetics of Game Art and Game Design.



The Open Boat is a mobile phone game with a focus on the emotional journey of the player as they navigate a rescue boat through a narrative in a dynamically changing environment.

The Open Boat is currently in development and will be available on iOS and Android. Release date TBD.